Monday, 30 May 2011

spheres of influence

What are the chances?,
Adelaide artist James Dodd recently completed a sweet mural which included some suits knuckling down on the street!

check out the mural and the rest of his exceptional work on his blog

Friday, 6 May 2011

a fresh approach

Marble Merchants is alive because just the right set of circumstances came together.
it was a combination of,
 2 helplessly addicted glass junkies,
some (not much) exceptional design sense
some (not much) traditional marble making instruction,
lots of collaborative, technical glass investigation,
lots of conceptual brainstorming and product development,
and somehow, amidst that jumble of ambition, we arrived at our style of marble making- A fresh approach to an  ageing object that is due to come back into fashion.
We don't make clouds or constellations or flowers or vortex's
We make Scatterbrains, Bumble Bees, Tiger Stripes and Rainbows!!
a steady blend of old and new.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

For the love of MARBLES!

Welcome to the Marbles Merchants BLOG!
 Posting our exploits as we attempt to take over the world with our crazy twisty balls!!
We are young glass designers from Adelaide and who have become fixed on manufacture of  hand made glass marbles.
Theres just something about them. Marbles have influenced several cultures and have had many uses over time. 3Although 'play' is now commonly synonymous  with 'electric looking screens', we think that marbles are just too cool and quirky to leave behind on the streets in the circles.

So we make new ones!
Our marbz are hand made , one by one at the mouth of a hot glass furnace. They are STACKED with colour! Pattern and twist are paramount in our designs and they can only evolve more magically from here!

We've already done a heap of work on this idea and are set to do heaps more,  please follow along to see what we get up to...