Tuesday, 18 October 2011

the balls are a rollin

Its a buisy month for the maniacs. But at the root of it all, the making of the marbs.

We've got lots n lots of things a hapnin.
Avant Card has graced us with a massive run of printed postcards that are available for free Australia wide. So, THATS cool! We have gotten some lovely feedback already, keep it comin.

We are completing our first major commission for the Canadream RV Company in Canada.
112 custom coloured marbles for their christmas corporate gifting with fancy bags to boot. going all oevr the world beleive it or not. Thanks Canadream, you are more than swell. We are realising that the realm of corporate gifting might be our golden egg. Our format is so customisable, simple, indestructaBALL and cheap to ship. if you or any one you know wants a run of custom marbles done for the commemoration of any person, event, or achievement.. you let us know and we'll make it a spirally and shiny occasion for you :)

We are also gearing up to slang the spheres at the super rad Bowerbird Bazaar in Adelaide at the end of the month. It located in the old Queens Theatre just off light square downtown,, please come along friday night, sat, and sun all day long! We will have $20-$30 marbles (with a deal on a pair) accompanied by sexy flocked bags printed with our flash new logo, as well as Marble Merchant MAde christmas baubles, fancy glass tumblers, and a few other fancier bits and pieces. Get there.

And lastly a note about shops and purchasing.
We have always considered our marbles to be a strictly 'market' object. We just don't think they will fly with a retail mark up attached. This being said you can count on us to get some sort of online shop thing happening soon (as soon as we get our heads around how to properly catalogue 100's of individual tiny artworks) and furthermore if you or anyone you know would like to buy them for your shop and think you can sell them on for $40-$70 each.. let us know and we'll try to work something out.


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