Monday, 14 November 2011

lets face it,.. we specialise in balls

Dani using her mad skills to round one up. Metallically influenced.

Some photogenic marbles posing for a snap and getting stacked in foam ready for bowerbird.

Completed some Christmas ornaments for an ANZ bank holiday function. We like money'z but don't have much, so when the bank asks for our services we make 150 balls for 12 hours.

The Bowerbird Bazaar was indeed a hit.. Some people still don't understand what we're on about, but, thankfully, more than enough people decided our wares were cool,... even though we are clearly not.

Fine design, made with goo.

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  1. Do you guys have an online store? I used to play marbles a lot as a kid. I think these would be a cool gift idea for my younger family members.
    Fred Hutchinson |